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Hosted or not Hosted its up to you

Our IP PBX solutions are customised to suit your needs.  Wether we host the PBX or you have it in your place, you will be able to get all the features that VoIP has to offer. You can buy the PBX or you can rent it from us. Its really your choice. You can use almost any telephone with our system and our trained technitions will help you intergrate your existing equpitment or rip out the old and install the new.

  • Scalable solution, grows with your company
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Open standards, based on SIP
  • Easy to use web administration interface
  • Supports VoIP, analog and ISDN lines
  • Auto configuration of various phone brands
  • E-mail delivery of voicemail and fax messages
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Automatic updates, flexible support options
  • Affordable for businesses of all sizes

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